In stories about migration, which are often distorted, women don't exist or, even worse, are ancillary. The main narrating point of view is always the male one. On the contrary, Sea begins with the story of a woman, a mother, who accompanies her son to take a boat, while singing a lullaby to the sea. She does this to somehow protect him and to calm the sea, so that he could have a safe journey with no storms.
The work is formed by 3 Carillon, which play childhood melodies, welded on an antique vase. We don't know if the vase is the sea, the mother or the Great Mother which is water itself. We know that we are witnessing an encounter between the harmonies of sound and the waves of water propagating together. An fragile encounter, made wonderful for this reason.

33 x 33 x 33 cm
Ceramic and Carillon
Se tu li guadi bene e li ascolti
Curated by
Valentina Muzi
Spazio 44
6 june 2018
6 July 2018

MareMare, 33 x 33 x 33 cm, Ceramica e carrillon