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The work is a particular interpretation of a Biblical story. It tells about two angels who were sent to Sodoma to meet Lot, a righteous man that hosted them. As the angels were very beautiful, people wanted to rape them, thus breaking the holy rule of hospitality of Jewish and Greek cultures. As a consequence the cities were burnt down. This Biblical extract is often used to condemn homosexuality, but the artwork interprets it in a modern key, underlining a different message: all cultures incapable of welcoming foreigners are doomed to be defeated. The coming foreigner represents the sacredness, the ‘otherness’ which hopes to meet us. For this reason, the work takes images from Cie and covers one or two characters with gold-leaf: they are the angels, representing holiness, like in the Byzantine artstyle.

70 cm x 40 cm
I latitanti sono loro
Casa vuota
11 Septembrer 25 november

SodomaSodoma, 70 cm x 40 cm

Sodoma, 70 cm x 40 cm